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Ruby In Fuschite Crystal Stone Small Heart Pendant Necklace Gift

Ruby In Fuschite Crystal Stone Small Heart Pendant Necklace Gift


Attractive Reiki Energy Charged Ruby In Fuschite Natural Polished Heart Pendant Inc Silver Plated Snake Chain
Ruby In Fuschite crystal stone
We have tried to show a variation of the pendants we currently have in stock, we will pick what we think will be the best one for you.
Each crystal we sell is completely unique and so may differ from the pictures shown slightly. This does not affect the healing properties in any way. 
 The size of the pendant is approx 2.5cm approx
I will send this Reiki Charged as I am a qualified Reiki Practitioner & Crystal Healing Therapist
Each palm stone will be sent gift wrapped in an organza pouch, with a description of the stone and instructions on how to use this.
Benefits of the Ruby In Fuschite Crystal:

Combination stones bring together the qualities of each individual crystal, but the whole is greater than each individual crystal. It is as though the stone moves to a higher vibration and becomes more effective. These stones make excellent healing crystals.

The Ruby is the most precious and expensive gem in the world. Because it is a red stone it has the ability to activate and vitalise the physical body, and because it has a very high vibration it raises the spirit from passion to compassion.

This stone is particularly useful for treating the spleen, adrenal glands and blood circulation and can also help to treat carpal tunnel syndrome.

It can assist in aligning the spine and increase the flexibility of muscles.

It is said to enhance romance, marriage, integrity, devotion and passion so is a good choice for a wedding gift; It helps in all things related to love.

It also stimulates the mind and emotions and can help you to recover quickly from stressful times in your life.


I will send your crystal wand to you already charged with healing Reiki energy. When you receive your crystal you need to hold it in your hands, picture light surrounding it and state your intention for it; ie what you want it to do for you, for example is it to attract love, to heal a condition or for protection against negative energy etc. Keep it near to allow you to benefit from its vibrations and energies.
Your crystal will need cleansing from time to time, as crystals absorb energy, both positive and negative. Placing it in the light of the sun or moon for a few hours recharges its 'batteries' and gets it ready to work again.
We will send your crystal with the intention that it will do its absolute best for you!
Please be aware that Reiki and Crystal Healing involve a method of energy balancing for the purpose of pain management, stress reduction and relaxation etc. These treatments are not intended as a substitute for medical or psychological care. Crystals are powerful and should be treated with respect. Please also be aware that Reiki Practitioners or Crystal Healing Therapists do not diagnose conditions, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. It is recommended that you seek a licensed healthcare professional for any physical or psychological ailment you may have.
I aim to post out the next working day once payment has been cleared (UK)
If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason whatsoever, please contact us first and we will do our utmost to resolve this for you.
Bid in confidence with a look at my feedback
Free P&P UK, Europe see below, or Worldwide contact me. UK Stocked so fast delivery

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