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Water Purifying Gem Stick - Krystal Gifts UK

Water Purifying Gem Stick


Water purifying gem stick for "Inner Balance" By Reiju.

The gem stick contains Halite, which is the 'gemstone' of the salts; beneficial for cleansing and inner balance.

Instructions for use:

 Place the well rinsed glass stick carefully into a decanter. After 15 - 30 minutes the gemstone water will be ready for use, once the properties of the stones has absorbed into the water. You can then keep refilling the decanter with water. Gemstone water can be used for many different purposes such as bath water, drinking water, mouth-rinse, or in a spray to cleanse rooms, aura’s or meridians. Gemstone water has a positive effect on a bodily, mentally and spiritual level. Please do not use with sparkling water or other liquids in case of damage to the purifying stick.

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