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Carnelian Crystal Stone - The Benefits| Reiju

Carnelian is a warm and vibrant gemstone known as a grounding stone. It's believed to bring courage, strength, creativity and endurance that helps one feel confident in all areas of their life. Carnelian is also thought to help with emotional traumas, making it an excellent healing stone for those facing difficult times. 

Carnelian has been used throughout history as a form of protection. It is believed to ward off evil spirits and has been associated with the sun since ancient times. It's said to bring warmth, joy and energy when kept close by or worn as jewelry. Carnelian can be used for meditation or placed in a room to increase the flow of positive vibes. 
Carnelian works best when it is cleaned regularly. To cleanse the stone, simply place it in direct sunlight for a few hours. It is also important to make sure that Carnelian is stored safely away from other stones as its energies can be affected by those around it. 
Carnelian is found in many colors, but the most popular is orange. This hue is said to be especially beneficial for stimulating creativity and increasing motivation. Some even say it can help with communication, making it a great stone for public speakers or anyone who needs an extra boost of confidence. 
Carnelian is not only beautiful but powerful too! Its energizing vibes are said to help reduce stress and bring an overall feeling of joy and contentment. Its healing properties are said to help detoxify the body, improve circulation, and even stimulate sexual energy! This crystal is truly a must-have for anyone looking for a little extra oomph in their lives. 

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