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"Krystal Gifts UK" To "Reiju" - Why the name change?

Reiju - "A Spiritual Blessing; To Give And Receive"

We are still a family run business as always and are constantly looking at ways in which we can improve.
After a successful last few years with Krystal Gifts UK, which included much sweat and tears and not a lot of sleep (that's not including the kids I might add!); we both decided that we wanted to grow our brand with a trade mark; and so decided to get professional advice regarding this. After many discussions it was advised that the best way forward was to come up with a completely unique name hence; "Reiju".
The word Reiju itself actually means a spiritual blessing "to give and receive" and we both felt that this was the right brand for us; and also the right direction that we wanted to take the business; to a new level; with our aim as always to improve your customer experience through both our stock offering and ease of navigating through our website.
This is just the beginning for "Reiju" and we are fully confident, excited and very focused on the fact that we can now strive to move forward and improve further on our past successes for you, our valued customers.
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  • I have recently purchased a few of your products as
    gifts and am impressed with the items and would like to get one for myself a Moldavite orgone pyramid which I have not seen
    in your advertising can you say if you can do one please

    m a hawker
  • Thank you Reiju I am slowly becoming addicted to and love the energy of crystals. Your service is prompt, professional, personable, and kind…….you have managed to balance business with the precepts….true Reiju…….keep going


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