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What Is Orgone (Orgonite)?

Orgone Crystals - A Guide

There are many powerful forces at work in the universe. We can not claim to know about them all, but we can harness a good many of them to aid in creating spiritual balance and contentment. One such way in which people do this is through the use of Orgone Crystals. They’re a very powerful resource for someone who is trying to balance their inner energy properly. To try and make sure that you can properly utilise these crystals in their various forms, we’re going to be taking a look at them in more detail.

The Origin Of Orgonite

 To begin with, let’s travel back to the 1930’s, and look at the birthplace of the Orgone Crystal. Dr Wilhelm Reich was researching the properties of Orgonite and ultimately came up with several key findings. He found that organic materials will hold the Orgone energy and also attract it, whereas inorganic matter would attract the energy, but at the same time would expel it.

 The idea behind orgonite was based on these findings. The crystal is comprised of two different materials, organic and inorganic matter. The two components are usually resin (which usually contains petrochemicals and is therefore organic) and metal shavings. It’s also fairly common to see a quartz crystal added into the mix as well. This is because it generates a charge when it is exposed to pressure. As cured resin is known to shrink, this means that a near constant supply of pressure is exerted upon the quartz.

What Forms Of Orgonite Exist?

 Orgonite crystals come in many different forms. The most common are the crystals themselves, and then the pyramids which you may have encountered. The pyramids and the crystals work in pretty much the same way. They collect negative energy and convert it into positive energy before releasing it. It acts almost like a filter for the toxicity which you find in the atmosphere. However, instead of filtering out air or other substances, it filters out energy. Plus, the pyramids are beautiful. Have you ever seen one up close? Some of them are stunning, with patterns and colours inside them which really do look just divine.

 However, let us break down the process for you even further. The negative energy which is attracted by the orgonite is exposed to an electromagnetic charge which is created by the combination of resin, metal shavings and the quartz crystal inside. This force changes the energy and reorganises it into a more harmonious configuration. Put simply, it makes the energy good for you instead of bad.

 All in all, orgonite crystals are something which can really help you. Not only do they look absolutely stunning, but they also serve as a way for you to convert negative energy around you into positive. Our spiritual energy can really be affected by the world around us, so filtering out the bad to allow good it is critical. So many people have sworn by the use of orgonite crystals, and it is easy to see why they are so popular.

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